During the regular opening hours, we will present our Recycle Design products.

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Recycle Design Bern

As in nature, in Recycle Design the concept of waste does not exist. Whatever isn’t being used anymore represents fresh material and the base of something new.

This Swedish Design Principle is being implemented throughout the entire process of design, development and production. Everything moves in local cycles, from material procurement to sale.

The product’s story plays a key role. It is recorded, further developed, newly interpreted or emphasized. New goods and primary materials are excluded (There are a few exceptions in reasonable amounts like paint, threads or glue).


After her formation in Recycle Design in Eskilstuna, Sweden, Zeinab Serage founded Recycle Design Bern. In order to carefully build up the in-house production and present a vast assortment from the beginning on, we will offer products from Swedish Recycle Designers during the first sales period.

The Recycle Design Ateliers in the Bernese Marzili neighborhood are coming into life. Local materials are being collected, sorted, organized and transformed into new products: Textiles, paper, metal, plastic, wood, glass and ceramics.

Would you like to help shape the setup or are you interested in being a Recycle Designer for the atelier in the future? Contact us!

We are looking forward to presenting you the Recycle Designers on Instagram and offering insight into the structure of our local production.


In the vaulted cellar at Kramgasse 4, there’s much room for a playful exploration of how we manage ecological, individual and social resources.

On Balance Day 2021 we consciously dedicated ourselves to handling our personal resources carefully and access how we can integrate them in our everyday life and sports – through yoga, meditation, breathwork and several preventive mindfulness practices.

You can experience «Re-cycle» though your senses by means of a diverse cultural offer (music, theatre, dance, readings or expositions).

Would you like to contribute to the event program? Contact us.